Finding Home


"it doesn't just make sense, it hits you like a train."

"Totally mesmerising."

"Stories that are incredibly poetic but easy to follow and understand, touching and thought provoking."

"About 2/3 through, i realised I hadn't moved an inch. Gripped."

Finding Home is my first full length Spoken Word theatre piece. It recently enjoyed a sold out run at the Roundhouse's 2016 Last Word Festival. It's been performed at Cheltenham Literature festival as well as internationally. The show advocates sharing stories as a means of getting through difficult times, and a way to raise awareness around mental health. It will tour in 2017, which will include workshops on the importance of self expression.

Finding Home is kindly supported by Arts Council England, Roundhouse and Richmix.

If you are interested in hearing more about Finding Home, or booking the show, please get in touch with the producer Liz Counsell by emailing

Photography By John Williams and Cesare De Giglio

  I don’t really know how to say this, but you need to come home. It’s Leo. He’s done it.

Along cycle paths, alleyways and canals comes a coming-of-age story that maps the journey of a girl from a seaside town, to the tenements of city life as a 20-something. Writer and performer Cecilia Knapp’s debut piece is about a lot of things; growing up, Mothers, make shift dens, accidentally shaving off your eyebrows, drinking wine, love and one night stands. But it’s mainly about losing her brother Leo to suicide and how that affects a person.

Through humor and moving storytelling she shines a light on how we deal with loss, how we talk about mental health, and explores what it is like to grow up amongst these things. We meet the characters that have influenced her, listen to her old casettes, hear her story and discover how she found home amongst chaos.

Directed by Stef O’Driscoll (Nabokov, A Tale From A Bedsit, Kate Tempest’s Hopelessly Devoted) Finding Home is brought to the stage through an evocative collaboration of words, projections, vocals and instrumentals, both classical and contemporary, including music from world champ beatboxer Bellatrix and Tongue Fu founder Chris Redmond.