Over the last 3 years, I have been an ambassador for the charity C.A.L.M (The Campaign Against Living Miserably.)

Suicide is the single biggest killer of young men in the UK. This is something that has directly affected my life. I believe that this is syptematic of the inherant stigmatisation of mental health issues, depression and suicide that is still ingrained in our society.

C.A.L.M is a charity that campaigns to reduce this dangerous stigma and encourage those suffering to seek help. They also run a helpline and provide support to bereaved families. 

As a writer, I have often used creativity as a means of self help.  I firmly believe in the positive benefits of creative expression.

Together with fellow artist Jack Rooke, I run, curate and host SAVE THE MALE events, comedy, poetry and music showcases which raise awareness of C.A.L.M by speaking candidly about mental health, but also promoting the positive benefits of creativity.

We have held shows at Bestival, the Edinburgh Fringe, Lee Fest, Brainchild, The Roundhouse and beyond. We have also run writing and performance workshops in conjunction with this.

Like us on Facebook but most importantly, support the amazing C.A.L.M.